e premises were missing: ●I mean regard.It was a sort of me●ntal possession which trapped us both a●nd set us t

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  • areotis like spawni▓ng frog

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  • ed in lassit●ude and heat…

  • .No, that is not the way to


p●ut it.It is not very just.Let me tr▓y ag

  • ain with these infirm and un

  • stable to▓ols to sketch Cla

  • udia.Where shall we b●egin

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  • rs of an erratic and unpun

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  • I learned little, save tha●t she had

  • been very poor.She gave me t


he impr▓ession of someone engaged in giving

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  • tures of herself — bu●t

  • this is common to most lon▓

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ir true self can fi▓nd no correspon

ht I detected an inexper●ience, n

dence in another.The speed wi▓th which she moved from one milieu t▓o another, from

one man, place, date to anoth▓er, was staggering.But her instability had▓ a magnificence that was truly arresting.●The more I knew her the less predict●able she seemed; the only constant was the fr●antic struggle to break through ▓the barrier of her autism.And e●ver

y action ended in error, ●guilt, repentance.How often I rem▓ember — “Darling, this tim●e it will be different, I promise yo●u.” ‘Later, when we went abroad: at the Adlon,▓ the pollen of the spotlight●s playing upon the Spanish dancers▓ fuming in the smoke of a thousand cig

aret▓tes; by the dark waters of Buda, h

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